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A TMJ Specialist knows the focus and time needed to free you from TMJ pain.

I love dentistry. Not only do I appreciate what they do and all the people involved in great dentistry, I understand what a healthy mouth means to a patient’s life. When in residency, I saw so many patients struggling with chronic orofacial pain. They were there for dental procedures that were required, but they were really in a different kind of discomfort, and there was just no time to get to the root of it (no pun intended). When it comes to TMJ or TMD related symptoms and the ability to free a patient from this kind of chronic pain, I found that it takes considerable evaluation and time to pin-point and develop an individual strategy to successfully treat. You need a TMJ specialist.

Being a TMJ specialist

My focus really became wanting to free these patients from that which was truly affecting their ability to live.  Not the root canal or their periodontal disease—not that they are not health issues.  With the ability to completely focus on their discomfort, take a deeper personal and medical history, I was able to get to the truth of their chronic pain, devise a way to get them immediate comfort, and plan steady, effective treatments without surgery and addictive pain medication.


  • You’re not sleeping well
  • Sinus pressure, headaches
  • You’re not eating the foods you would like to
  • Jaw pain/clicking in the jaw
  • You’re not going out to social events
  • Migraine[s] You’re passing up on family outings
  • Ear pain/Ear fullness

If you think you meet the criteria, or if you’re just starting to feel the kinds of discomfort mentioned, schedule a visit with me. So many people who put this off, hoping it gets better over time have a longer recovery time. It’s important for you to know that from consultation – until your free of your pain, it is always you and I, working together to restore your quality of life. I’m Doctor Francis O’Day, and I truly love being a TMJ and Orafacial Pain Specialist. Sit down with me—not only is it painless, it’s going to get you pain free. The doctor will free you now. Doctor Francis O’Day