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TMJ/TMD Symptoms

Signs You May Have TMJ Disorder

When patients hear TMJ, they often think about pain in their jaw. While this is one of the most prevalent symptoms of TMJ disorder, it’s not the only indicator of this condition. In fact, most cases of TMJ dysfunction consist of more than one symptom, some of which may have started years ago but may not have seemed relevant at the time:

Facial pain


Jaw pain

Jaw clicking or popping

Jaw locking or limitations

Neck aches and pain

Irregular mouth opening and closing patterns

Sinus pressure/headache

Ear fullness that leaves ears hearing muffled or clogged

Ear ringing, buzzing, or humming, called tinnitus


Sore throat

Eye pain

Blurred vision


What Is TMJ Disorder?

Dr. O’Day is passionate about helping patients understand where their pain is coming from and why it’s happening. TMD happens when the mandible/jaw bone, along with muscles in the skull and neck, doesn’t properly adjust the jaw downward and forward when the mouth is opened. Multiple factors can impact this movement and cause your TMJ symptoms, such as:



Facial muscle hyperactivity, like clenching or grinding teeth

Misaligned teeth, called occlusion




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