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TMD Treatment

Take Control Over Your Symptoms

There are several proven TMJ disorder treatments available to you that can help manage your symptoms. Dr. O’Day relies on methods that focus on decreasing your pain, reducing the load on related TMJ bones and muscles, and restoring your jaw’s functionality.

Non-Surgical, Conservative Treatment

Dr. O’Day believes in taking a personalized, non-surgical approach to patient care that allows you to quickly begin and benefit from treatment. By identifying all the factors contributing to your TMJ pain, Dr. O’Day creates a well-defined plan with a range of treatment options.

Patient Education

Understanding TMJ disorder and discomfort is essential for treatment. Dr. O’Day makes learning easy for every patient.

Behavioral Management

Dr. O’Day teaches patients why and how to change their daily habits and actions for a more pain-free life from TMJ disorder.

Oral Orthopedic Nightguards

Wake up with TMJ pain? Dr. O’Day’s nightguards help protect your jaw from involuntary muscle activity, which causes discomfort.

Dr. O’Day may prescribe medications and/or recommend injections on an as-needed basis. Other treatment options may include but are not limited to, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and/or cold laser therapy.

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Find Relief From Your Jaw Pain

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