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Your Pain May Be TMJ Related

If you’ve recently experienced an accident involving your head, neck, or upper back, it’s very possible that your pain may be related to TMJ disorder. Although initial pain caused by whiplash may affect muscles in these areas, many patients don’t realize their jaw is also affected. TMJ disorder symptoms can manifest weeks or months later, even though they were caused by the initial accident. Patients who discover their accident caused TMJ disorder may not be able to include their treatment in their no-fault or workers’ compensation insurance case if they wait too long to have it documented.

We recommend anyone involved in a car or workplace accident make an appointment with Dr. O’Day as soon as they are able. He understands the far-reaching effects of accidents and their impacts on no-fault and workers’ compensation insurance cases. As a TMJ specialist, he can properly assess your condition, determine if the accident is consistent with TMJ disorder, and get you started on a treatment that accurately addresses your pain. Even if you don’t feel pain right away or think it’s related to other injuries, you deserve to have a clear answer that can help you manage pain before it worsens.


TMJ dysfunction doesn’t just cause jaw pain. Symptoms in your head, neck, shoulders, and even your eyes and ears might indicate TMJ disorder.


There are many different treatment options available for TMJ disorder. Dr. O’Day can review these with you and find an effective solution.


As a no-fault and workers’ compensation dentist, Dr. O’Day can help you diagnose and recover from your TMJ pain following an accident.

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