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Practice remains dedicated to treating TMJ patients.

In 2006, I realized my medical dream to open a practice dedicated completely to treating TMJ patients. The colleagues in my dental circle, as well as, local medical physicians, were certainly encouraging.  I’m sure they were a bit skeptical that such a narrow focus could yield enough patients to truly keep a thriving practice. It’s now thirteen years, and the only thing I know for certain—freeing people from their TMJ pain (chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain, sinus pressure, ear fullness/pain, and jaw issues) continues to be the most satisfying work I have ever done.


  1. The stress in our daily lives has increased.
  2. The stress and pressure on our children at such a young age has increased. (Remember, TMJ does not discriminate by age).
  3. Finding time to relax has become disrupted by schedules, events and keeping up with our work lives.
  4. The time we can dedicate to our own wellness has taken a backseat as well.
  5. Insurances and coverages.

The five things above seem daunting.  We can help.  It is our duty to manage and educate you on your medical condition and treatment plan as a TMJ patient. We assist you in understanding your coverage and costs.  You need to be comfortable in making decisions about coming to see us for the first time or continuing treatment. What has not changed?  I remain dedicated to my patients.  I’m always interested in helping new patients, getting them pain free.  To find out more about becoming a new patient, please visit our “Patient Area,” which has valuable information and paperwork you can download. Thank you to all my colleagues, the surrounding medical community for all of their confidence and referrals, and to my patients for their trust and commitment. The doctor will free you now. Doctor Francis O’Day