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Headaches and facial pain crippling your work and life?

You are laying in your bedroom with the blinds drawn, a cold washcloth over your face, praying that the migraine medication will kick in. Before you reach for the phone to call your boss and tell her that you have to miss another day of work, you think to yourself, how much is missing work today going to cost me?

In the United States, chronic pain causes up to $500 billion in lost wages and production per year. While this number may be jarring to some, it comes as no surprise to me. In fact, there are many patients who tell me how headaches and facial pain cripple their ability to work a full day. You are not the only one missing out on work and life because of symptoms you are experiencing from TMJ.

Our goal is to help each and every patient reduce the pain they are experiencing and get back to their normal way of life. Let us get you back to living your life. Let us get you back to work.

You’re not alone, and there are answers. Doctor Francis O’Day