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Get comfortable. Get honest. We find the root of your TMJ pain.

People that are thinking about coming to see us, usually have the same thoughts. They’ve been to a lot of medical places. They’ve probably had tests done. And, they’ve probably been through a few medications. We get it. Your anxious, and we completely understand why.  What we also understand, though, is how we need to put you at ease, so we can get to the root of your TMJ pain. When your relaxed and comfortable:

  1. We get past the diagnostic history.
  2. We get past the symptoms.
  3. We talk about how you were prior to the pain.
  4. We talk about potential habits that might have formed.
  5. We discuss triggers that might be causing harm.

Whether you’ve been referred to us, or you hear our advertisements, or even follow our blogs, we don’t repute your journey. We just want you to relax, get comfortable, and realize you’ve come to the right place. We need to know exactly where you’re coming from, so we can be open and honest in discovering why you are in chronic orofacial pain.  It’s why this practice is singularly dedicated to it and nothing else. Instead of that third round of antibiotics for that chronic ear infection, ask your ENT doctor, if it could be TMJ. It’s not disrespectful. It’s just giving you another avenue (one that’s non-invasive) to free you from your pain. On the migraine pain carousel? Take a moment to get off it, book an appointment to see if your pain is a symptom of TMJ. We’re not doing expensive testing. We’re going to relieve your anxiousness and find out the possible roots of your chronic headache pain. Sit down with me—not only is it painless, it’s going to get you pain free. The Doctor will free you now. Dr. Francis O’Day