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Imagine if you can, describing your facial pain and headaches in such a manner that your description of the pain is, “an odd type of noise in my ear, like that of a lawnmower in my head.”  To be in the presence of someone uttering these sincere words could not only make one’s hair stand on end, but make them completely forget about any minor aches and pains they may be experiencing. After the initial consultation, I was able to explain to the patient why these symptoms can occur, as well as implement an appropriate treatment approach to improve the symptoms. On the patient’s next visit, already feeling some relief from the symptoms, I was able to customize a TMJ night guard for the patient’s nighttime only use.  With the patient now understanding the pain, realizing the process, and using the nighttime guard, the third visit was a complete success.  Not only had the “lawnmower noise” resolved, but the patient’s facial pain and headaches were now a thing of the unpleasant past. For you, it might not be a “lawnmower” in your head, but you deserve the opportunity to be free from whatever facial, head or neck pain that is negatively impacting your life. You’re not alone, and there are answers. Doctor Francis O’Day