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Physicians are right to think “Could be TMJ.”

Dr. Jeffrey O. Burnett, a Family Medicine Practitioner, who has been in private practice since 2003, and is also the Family Practice Residency Director at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, is one of many local, primary care physicians discovering symptoms of TMJ with relation to their patient’s pain.  “As a primary care physician, I have come to realize that when my patients complain of facial pain, headaches and sometimes even ear and sinus symptoms, that often times, they may be suffering from TMJ Dysfunction.  For years, Dr. O’Day has focused on treating patients with the personal care and attention that they require.  His conservative non-surgical treatment philosophy has helped many of my patients improve their quality of life.  He always maintains excellent communication regarding my patients, which ensures that we are always on the same page regarding their care.  I would highly recommend referring patients to Dr. O’Day, if you find they are having the same symptoms I saw in my patients for their pain relief.” We encourage area physicians in Western New York and Ontario, Canada to consider the possibility that their patient’s pain(s) could be the work of overactive jaw muscles caused not only by facial muscle hyperactivity (clenching and/or grinding of teeth), but the result of other factors (Causes) acting together.  Reach out to us.  Your patient will thank you. You’re not alone, and there are answers. Doctor Francis O’Day