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Senior Matters with Buddy Shula talks TMJ with Dr. Francis O’Day.

Doctor O’Day talks about TMJ and a lot more! Western New York’s TMJ specialist discusses the symptoms, the variety of chronic pains, and how it effects people’s daily lives.  They even get into proper size for opening your mouth, as well as how popular Dr. O’Day jingle is on radio!  Thank you to Buddy Shula and to “Buffalo’s Very Own” WECK radio for hosting the doctor on “Senior Matters.”  We hope to do this again very soon!

AFTER LISTENING TO THE SEGMENT  If you think you meet the criteria, or if you’re just starting to feel the kinds of discomfort mentioned, schedule a visit with Doctor Francis O’Day. So many people who put this off, hoping it gets better over time have a longer recovery time. It’s important for you to know that from consultation – until your free of your pain, it is always you and Dr. O’Day, working together to restore your quality of life. The doctor will free you now.