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Stress of beating cancer can manifest severe TMJ symptoms

It seems unfair that anyone that had to battle cancer should have to be deal with anything after they fought the good fight—and won.  The stress of such cancer treatments can manifest and develop into many severe TMJ symptoms, as was the case for a woman who had visited me not too long ago. My own mother passed away from breast cancer many years ago, and I made it my goal to do whatever I could to help this patient significantly decrease her symptoms as quickly as possible, and improve her quality of life.  There was no reason for her to suffer some long enduring process or evasive tests. After the initial consultation, I was able to understand her history and current situation, which allowed me to start her on a treatment plan that would allow her to see results and a decrease in pain by her second visit.  It brought such gratification to see her smile, realizing she could now get back to living her life. Allow me to free you from your pain, and get your quality of life back. You’re not alone, and there are answers. Doctor Francis O’Day