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The true “impact” on your TMJ symptoms.

If it’s good enough for the gridiron it should be good enough for your mouth—right? Wrong! Don’t reach for that store-bought standard to help or fix your TMJ symptoms. In fact, it will most likely be doing the exact opposite for you.   They’re chewable, increasing your jaw activity!   Made to stop impact–not to deter your overactive jaw!   Never molds like medical grade night guard!   You’re paying out of pocket–insurance could cover a medical grade, night guard. While many may think a quick purchase and boil will work, having a soft rubber or plastic mouth guard, while you are sleeping at night, could be causing you to clench even harder and chew even more. When I watch sporting events (like our Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres), I see half the players chewing it like it’s gum, increasing their jaw activity—and most TMJ sufferers will do exactly the same. The soft squishy texture is just perfect for someone who likes to grind their teeth or clench tightly at night. This could cause you to have heightened symptoms when you wake up in the morning. The night guard you need is medical grade, custom fit to your particular case, and comfortable enough to feel as if it is almost not there. This is not made of boil-down plastic and cannot be chewed, deterring your overactive jaw and lessoning your symptoms. Plus, it falls under medical grade equipment, so your insurance could possibly cover it (Check your rider for Durable Medical Equipment). Don’t reach for that mouth guard on the pharmacy rack, reach out to us, to ensure your mouth gets the right fit.   The doctor will free you now Dr. Francis O’Day