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Goodbye TMJ

The doctor will free you now.

What drives me is the gratification I get when a patient tells me that I’ve changed their life, freed them of their pain, and restored their quality of life.


Patients freed from pain


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Have Jaw Pain? Visit Dr. O’Day

Are you struggling with recurring jaw pain? Is that pain keeping you from eating the foods you want, attending social or work functions, or even sleeping comfortably? You’re not alone. Millions of others just like you experience similar symptoms related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, medically called TMD. Fortunately, your pain doesn’t have to persist forever. TMJ specialist Dr. Francis O’Day can help you get back to living your life the way you want to… pain-free.

Personalized, Attentive Care

It’s time to find an answer for your pain. TMJ dentist Dr. O’Day works closely with each and every patient to properly assess and treat TMD symptoms. We understand that no two patients have the same TMJ or orofacial pain experience. When you choose Dr. O’Day, all communication and care comes directly from him. He’ll help you not only understand why you’re experiencing pain but also how to accurately and holistically treat your symptoms.

Don’t let jaw pain hold you back. Start enjoying life again!


Jaw pain caused by TMJ disorder often comes with a range of symptoms. Some of these signs aren’t quite as obvious as others.


As a TMJ specialist, Dr. O’Day has dedicated his career to helping his patients decrease their pain and improve their quality of life.


If you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in head, neck, or upper back pain, you very well may have sustained a TMJ injury.


Worried about treatment costs? Dr. O’Day is the only TMJ dentist in WNY that accepts insurance. Check to see if you’re covered.